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Xploit Final Event

Salt Catalonia 11th and 12th of April 2013

During the final event some videos were taken which we have used in this website as graphic examples from the Xploit Communities of how to go "FROM EXPLOITATION TO LEARNING COMMUNITIES".

You can also read the Conference report and partner presentations below, under supporting documents.

The event was targetted at community practitioners, local stakeholders and policy-makers interested in exploitation of EU resources and in learning communities, to:

  • Learn about and dialogue with communities exploiting European learning and social resources.
  • Qualify your work for your community and take it further
    Interact with learning communities.
  • Join European networks for learning communities addressing the 2014-20 funding programs.
  Supporting materials
  Xploit Conference Agenda
  Xploit - Learning Communities Conference Description
  Xploit - Conference Report 2013
  Xploit - Conference presentation Catalonia, ES
  Xploit - Conference presentation IT 1
  Xploit - Conference presentation IT 2
  Xploit - Conference presentation UK
  Xploit - Conference presentation HU
  Xploit - Conference presentation RO
  Xploit - Conference presentation Associated partner
  Xploit - Conference presentation special guest Martin Yarnit



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